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  1. Hi! Im preserving PSX Norway videogames, can you help me?

    After nearly one months without news, i give up. Is time to make the people from other countries understand that we can't be responsable for this kind of stuff. I quit, thanks all the members that answered in this post.
  2. Hi Sinfour, do we have any news about your friend?

    1. Sinfour


      No, i'm sorry. 
      he has every game in boxes in another city, so thats why it will take a while unfortunately. 

    2. diegorbb93


      Yeah, too bad. At least im sure i can count on this, ill wait patiently. Please, remind him that im going to be around waiting for answer, i need to solve this. Thanks!

    3. Sinfour


      I sent this to another PS1 collector in Norway and he will also check this out. He just need to check if he has the game in his collection (he is trying to get a complete PAL collection and is already on 2000pcs). So the chance is there that he has it. 

  3. Hi! Im preserving PSX Norway videogames, can you help me?

    My whole theory just felt down: https://imgur.com/a/LbMIcBd Portugal edition is SLES-003309.
  4. Hi! Im preserving PSX Norway videogames, can you help me?

    https://ibb.co/SrMpN2Y https://ibb.co/T09mj2v I remember the user that dumped this for me already told me the A was weird. We can change the name in Redump if you want.
  5. Hi! Im preserving PSX Norway videogames, can you help me?

    I just discovered that the Platinum release, is different. It was edited with the name changed... Weird.
  6. Hi! Im preserving PSX Norway videogames, can you help me?

    Sure, go ahead and make a couple of pictures of this one, i will post it on Redump so it gets fixed!
  7. Hi! Im preserving PSX Norway videogames, can you help me?

    Zerqent, any news from your side?
  8. Hi! Im preserving PSX Norway videogames, can you help me?

    Thanks so much, im really nervious!
  9. Hi! Im preserving PSX Norway videogames, can you help me?

    Ey, any news from your side?
  10. Hi! Im preserving PSX Norway videogames, can you help me?

    Yes, i think it will probably be SLES-03302. I still need to confirm this, but it's what i expect. THANKS SO MUCH FOR CONFIRMING THE PC VERSION! This is pure proof that the Norwegian version should be real! Thank you so much! Im excited to know about this!
  11. Hi! Im preserving PSX Norway videogames, can you help me?

    ALERT. This is really important, i just made a new interesting discovery. As i was checking the Serial ID list of known versions, i saw that the first serials ID after the normal european release came from Scandinavia (except Sweden, which was the last Serial ID), while the next bunch came from central and south countries. SLES-03299 LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge [Europe] SLES-03300 LEGO Øen 2: Kim Cool's Hævn [Denmark] SLES-03301 LEGO Eiland 2: De Wraak van Dondersteen [Netherlands] SLES-03302 ???? SLES-03303 L'ile LEGO 2: La Revanche de Cassbrik [France] SLES-03304 LEGO Insel 2: Der Steinbrecher kehrt zurück [Germany] SLES-03305 LEGO Isola 2: La Rivincita del Briccone [Italy] SLES-03306 ???? SLES-03307 LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge [Spain] SLES-03308 LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge [Sweden] I wondered if maybe, SLES-03306 could be from a country related to this zone and i searched the game in Portugal. Double bingo. I found out a Portugal copy that seems to be probably the “SLES-03306” versión, im trying to confirm. Plus, I found out that Portugal received a Lego Island 2 copy completely translated for PC (each PSX reléase had always a PC versión translated too). And here’s where things get hot. This game was released for Game Boy Advance too, so i wondered which languages were included with the game. Guess what? This is the ROM name from No-Intro database: “LEGO Island 2 - The Brickster's Revenge (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Nl,Pt,Sv,No,Da)” Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish … You get what im saying? Can you guys check if you can find the PC version for this? If you find the Norwegian PC Version (being completely translated), it pretty much confirms that the PSX version is out there.
  12. Hi! Im preserving PSX Norway videogames, can you help me?

    This is really interesting, it will help in case other person confims this too! Please, i will apreciate it a lot!
  13. Hi! Im preserving PSX Norway videogames, can you help me?

    Thanks so much, this night ill make sure i sent lot of messages around!!!!!!!!
  14. Hi! Im preserving PSX Norway videogames, can you help me?

    Dead Zerqent, first, thank you so much for your interest. I must admit that is a little disappointing for me to see that absolutely nobody has any idea about but not only on Norway... Ive been doing the same research for the finnish version, and the community in Finland is a bit bigger. Ive been able to send more than 10 emails around to different museums, blogs, retrocommunity websites... And no luck. Most of them havent seen the game around and nobody has been able to confirm absolutely nothing about it. With that said, i need to warm you, we finally added Harry Potter yesterday: http://redump.org/disc/64232/ In case you want to cancel the order, please do it. If not, we still would like to make a "verification" by adding data and hashes from a second dump, this makes sure our dumps are confirmed to be good. Again, this was a really wonderful gesture from your side, so thank you so much for this. BTW, i even asked Lego. The central Lego Support from Denmark was really nice but they can only redirect me to Warner Bros Games... And Warner Bros Games has told me they have no internal record about Lego Island 2, which confirms that this kind of things just tend to be lost in time.
  15. Hi everyone! Long ago i posted this on your Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Norway/comments/bwbhme/ey_norway_we_are_looking_to_preserve_some/ As people was really kind, we werent succesful in obtaining all the the remaining titles i told you about. Still, we were able to obtain a copy from "A Bug's Life" norwegian release, thanks to Yrgen! http://redump.org/disc/62929/ But, i would like to try it one more time, so we can finish this project, so here we go! In case you dont want to read that much, TLDR : Gaming preservation group called Redump needs some games released exclusive in norwegian version for Sony Playstation 1 and 2, being these one of the last games not properly preserved by this group across all PAL region (Europe, Australia). Would be nice to catch it and dump it in order to finish for the best time in history the PAL Playstation set. My name is Diego and i come from a platform called VideoGaming Preservation Collective. https://www.preservegames.org/ Our platform works as a nexus for lot of different videogaming preservation groups and different people from the community. In this case, help is needed for Redump.org for optical media preservation (A.K.A. all kind of discs!) --> http://redump.org/ In the last year, strong efforts were made by the members from this community in order to preserve the full set of games from Sony Playstation 1 & 2, a couple of amazing videoconsoles which we are fighting really hard to preserve every single game ever released. Those efforts included spending a lot of money and coordinating a lot of people to buy and bring those games to people across Europe (like me, in Spain) to obtain a proper data backup and document it. For the first time in years, we are completely close to document every single detail and data from these game across Europe and Australia, what it's known as the PAL zone (being USA and rest of America, the NTSC zone, and Japan, the NTSC-J zone). And that's the reason we are calling this Reddit, to ask if any of you could help us in our tasks, by donating (or selling if it's needed) or dumping for us, these games for gaming preservation. On one hand, from Playstation 1, there is one game remaining, and we havent been able to even confirm its existence! "LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge" with Serial ID "SLES-03306" We are really desperate to find this one, as we have great illusions on finishing your country's set of games for Playstation 1! In the other hand, in Playstation 2, we are only lacking a Harry Potter title that we have proof it exists. "Harry Potter og Mysteriekammeret" with Serial ID "SLES-51215" We try to priorize the Playstation 1 games because these comes in CD format, which nowadays is an optic format that is getting old and so, the chances of having scratches that can damage the data, are bigger. Still, we would be really excited to get this missing Playstation 2 game from Norway too. The main task is to document the disc and all the info around it, plus obtaining a clean backup (its a simple process made by a tool called IsoBuster). This process can be done by anyone owning the disc if you have a PC with disc reader. So, if you are still interested in helping us but dont wont to give out the game, you dont have to, as you can follow our steps (which doesnt go beyond than copying some info writen in the disc and dumping it with IsoBuster). In the case of "Lego Island 2", it would be better to have the disc in our hands, as dumping it with our special hardware would help us obtain more information about it, but still, dumping it with IsoBuster would deliver a correct backup for preservation. Thanks all so much for your atention!